1. How often should my dog be groomed?
  2. Depending on the breed and the coat type the answer varies. Short coated breeds should be groomed every 10-12 weeks , Medium coated breeds every 8-10 weeks and long or curly breeds every 4-6 weeks. It is Important to brush your dog as frequently as possible between grooms to keep the coat knot and tangle free as this will help your dog get more comfortable and thus result in less stress.

  3. How often should my dogs nails be trimmed?
  4. A dogs nails should be checked every 4-6 weeks. It is of utmost importance that a trained professional trims the dogs nails. Each nail has a blood supply known as "The Quick" if cut it will be very painful for the dog and bleed heavily. To check if a dogs nails need to be trimmed the dog needs to stand up straight on a flat surface such as a table, if the nails are not touching the surface this is an indication that the nails are ok for trimming. Some active dogs will naturally wear down there nails walking on a hard surface. If the dogs nails are touching the surface caution must still be aired as an older dog or a dog that has not had his nail trimmed regularly or naturally worn can have very long quicks which could be easily cut if attempted by a novice. Please always have a groomer check dogs nails to assess them properley.

  5. When can a puppy first visit the salon?
  6. Once a puppy is fully vaccinated they can start the grooming process! From 12 weeks old it is a good idea to start a puppy young introducing them to all the noises of the clippers and hair driers from a young age so they have a routine and can enjoy the grooming service. We find puppies that start getting groomed early in life love the salon experience and find it so relaxing some even fall asleep while getting dried!

  7. I think my dog has fleas?
  8. We do not take in dogs that have fleas in to the studio. If you think your dog has fleas or ticks it is important to let us know before your arrival. We will suggest treating the dog with a spot on treatment 5-7 days prior to the appointment as we cannot risk fleas entering our studio. Dogs with live fleas can't enter the studio.

  9. How long does it take to groom a dog?
  10. It depends on the breed. Small/medium breeds 2-2.5 hours, large breeds 3 hours, giant breed dogs anything up to 4 hours.

  11. If you have any other question or require information on prices or appointment times/availability please contact me on 087-9206530